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S1:E1 "The Clear Reflect Show: Introduction"

S1:E2 "Step I - The Clear Reflect Show: Understanding Your Broken Reality"

S1:E3 "Step II - The Assessment: Isolating What Broke You"

S1:E4 "Step III - Cracked Identity: Locating the Basis for Your Second-Guessing"

S1:E5 "Step IV - Broken Hope: The Remedy for Your Kryptonite"

S1:E6 "Step V - Brokenness: See the Label to Remove the Label"

S1:E7 "Step VI - Gracefully Broken: Realizing God Uses It All"

Project Name

"The Clear Reflect Show" is where we work to see a clear reflection. Come and heal with me! Stay tuned and please share with friends. In addition to on this website, you may view the show on LinkedIn and Facebook @Valencya Thompson and on YouTube @ValencyaTheVisionary7906! 
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