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Journey through a quest to navigate your past pain with Thompson as she discloses vignettes of her own journey through brokenness and healing to unearth the leader within.

Expect to be delivered from hurt still hovering which halted you into hiding. Prepare to launch from lingering explosions you desire to escape. Fly, LEADER, FLY. MOVE the mountain of fear blocking your heart. It’s time. 

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Valencya The Visionary Thompson is a woman of many callings, of which, wife and mother she holds most dearly. Away from home, she engages the world as school psychologist by day and creative minister by night! Book publisher, ghost writer, magazine creator, playwright, public speaker and founder of The Fertility Hope Ministry are a few conduits she has utilized to relay God’s messages to the masses.

Thompson says, As you consider turning this book’s pages, understand you are one decision away! Choose to experience this healing journey. Remove the rubble from your life’s past explosions. Allow the LEADER within to come forth!


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About The Author: 
Valencya Thompson 

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