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As a Christian Writing, Publishing, & Production Company; we offer literary
craftsmanship as wordsmiths who demonstrate outstanding  
editorial workmanship, tailored to perfection!

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"Achieving the perfect fit" is our desire at WTVCW. For this reason, we provide à la carte options for our clients to service any and all publishing needs. Our services can be as minimal as a brief consultation to basic editing and proofreading, or as extensive as complete publishing and packaging of your books through the printing phase. 
You are a storyteller, but you are uninterested in writing or writing is not a part of your natural skill-set. Perhaps you have great ideas, but your fast-paced schedule hinders you from finding ample time to write the book that is burning in your heart. Let WTVCW be your solution for this. WTVCW’ system is to first learn your voice through conversations and any written literature you may have, and then, go to work accordingly.
We work in conjunction with our clients to elevate their creative works to a level that will attract their desired audience and successfully convey their messages to the world. 
Every well-written manuscript requires a second set of eyes to take a look! Our proofreading service looks for grammatical errors and awkward language usage. This is our most basic form of editing, recommended for expert level writers and authors.
Book Cover Design
Your cover is the primary determining factor for whether a potential reader will pick your book up or leave it on the shelf. Our graphic designs in collaboration with your vision will produce an ideal cover to speak to your target audience.
                                            Interior Formatting  
 Good content for your book must be coupled by professional formatting to incorporate beautifully designed aesthetic components inside to create your layout.
Promotions & Packaging
US Copyright with Library of Congress, ISBN, Book Printing, eBook Distribution, Book Signing Tour (Assistance with Location Search), & Banners and Flyers.
Independent Contracting
WTVCW contracts services with clients for copywriting, ghostwriting, and editing for all genres of writing including, but not limited to: poetry, prose, scripts, screenplays, writing for television, stage productions, etc. Additionally, WTVCW provides writing consultation. WTVCW also has a graphic design team to provide graphics for our publications, and contractual services such as, logo design.
WTVCW partners with our own local printing press so WTVCW reviews all books before they are shipped to our clients at competitive rates. WTVCW also prints marketing literature and its on magazine publication on-demand.